About Us

ShelterInPlace.com is a division of:


 Tote International

TOTE International, LLC was established in 2006 as a new entity specifically designed as the vehicle through which we plan to expand our domestic and international business and our humanitarian efforts. The simple motto of our company is “Helping Others to Help Themselves” and this statement in itself is the brief summary of our company/group and the overall objective of our efforts.

We fully comprehend that to great extent the capability of helping others can only be derived from positions of strength; corporate strength, financial strength, strength of integrity, strength in purpose, and the combined personal strengths of the members of the group. We know that through these strengths and focused determined efforts great things can and do occur, both in business accomplishments and in humanitarian efforts. True to our objectives we have been honored to enjoy many substantial accomplishments that have allowed us to help others to help themselves. As of the current date these combined privileged opportunities have been able to positively affect and greatly benefit the lives of more than 5 million people.

It is important to note that our goal and motto of Helping Others to Help Themselves is not an exclusively humanitarian effort in the casual sense, our real objective is help others become self-sustaining, basically to “teach others to fish so they can have food for a lifetime rather than giving them a fish that only gives them food for a day”. The best way to achieve this is to provide products and opportunities for individual learning and achievement – to this end we strive to only focus our time and efforts into ventures that can lead to the direct benefit of replication, jobs, independence, and thereby individual successes to an ever growing scale of ripple effect.