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Ballistic Storm Shelters – Space Saver Corner Models


Indoor or Outdoor Complete Protection Quick Install
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Structurally Engineered & Tested. Certified in All 50 States. Patents Pending. “Real Protection” Against Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, & Active Shooters

Additional Options that can be installed within any Ballistic Storm Shelter.:

  1. Custom Interior Décor:  Interior Finishing & Décor.
  2. Custom Exterior Décor:  Exterior Finishing & Décor.
  3. Locator:  ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter GPS Location Device.
  4. Communication:  Emergency Frequency Access Wireless Telephone/Radio.
  5. Medical Kit: Appropriately Sized Fully Equipped Medical Kit.
  6. Water & Food: Appropriate Quantity of Pure Water & Food.
  7. Emergency Air: Appropriate Quantity of Emergency Air Respirators System.
  8. Extreme Air Filtration: Additional Extreme Capability Air Filtration/Purification/Circulation.
  9. Extreme Ballistics:  Additional Ballistic Protection up to .50 Caliber FMJ Sniper Weapons.
  10. Extreme Internal Defense:  Self Sustaining Defensive Weapons Capability via Roof Weapons Rack.

Our shelters are manufactured with 2 layers of varying strengths and thicknesses of hardened (ballistic) steel as is commonly used in armored cars and military applications.

Between the 2 layers of ballistic steel we install a ‘ballistic sandwich’ made from proprietary materials that include a patent pending type of expanding ceramic cement mixed with various nanoparticle metals and other material with similar ballistic characteristics as Kevlar, or similar effect materials.

All of our shelters are pre-manufactured in pre-finished panelized sections. They are transported to the installation site and erected, anchored, and finished on-site. All connection corners, all vent openings, light switches, cameras, door locking mechanisms, main & escape hatch door hinges and door openings, are double ballistic steel plated, providing an excessively over-protective enclosure that provides absolute safety for the occupants within the shelter.
➣ Fully finished Ballistic Storm Shelters can be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor location in 1-Day

If you have any questions, please call: (844) 432-SAFE [7233]
Weight 6960 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 in
Shelter Size

4 Foot- $18,500, 7 Foot- $37,440, 8 Foot- $41,570, 9 Foot- $46,300, 10 Foot – $50,600, 12 Foot– $57,560


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The Ballistic Sandwich

In addition to wind and seismic loads, the ShelterInPlace shelters are capable of supporting substantial vertical loads that may result from the collapse of the surrounding building, debris, or other sources.

The 6 and 8-sided models are capable of supporting at least 750 pounds per square foot vertical load spread over the roof or at least a 6000 pound concentrated load.

The 10, 12, and 14-sided models are capable of supporting at least 500 pounds per square foot or at least a 5000 pound concentrated load. ballistic sandwich

Protecting What Matters Most

In a moment of crisis time and exposure en-route to safety is everything, and is often the difference between life and death. Within seconds people of all ages and size can be fully protected inside one of our multi-patent pending Ballistic Storm Shelters that have been pre-installed inside any room or other nearby location for the immediate real protection of students, faculty, family/children, military personnel, government officials, clients, patrons, employees/personnel, travelers, etc.

With Only Seconds To Safety

An average size school generally takes from 20 to 45 minutes for all of its students to get safely inside one large common safe location, this is far too much time to be safe… By comparison, generally every student can be safely inside one of our dual purpose shelters within 30-45 seconds when these shelters are located inside or nearby every classroom. The dual propose shelters are a welcome daily functional part of their classrooms where they serve as a small reading/quite room, tutoring room.